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Pearson and Anaya are collaborating to provide you with the materials you need to bring the LOMLOE to life in your classes and to make your day-to-day lives easier.

The Pearson & Anaya Plurilingual Education Programme integrates Pearson Primary English courses with courses from Anaya in Natural and Social Sciences, Arts & Crafts and Music. In line with the scope and sequence of Pearson English courses, the content subjects are presented in English at a level that students will understand, facilitating their learning and enjoyment of content topics while also providing opportunities to develop their language skills. Topics from the content subjects are also presented and recycled in the English courses to create a more integrated experience for both teachers and learners.


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The characters are children from different cultural backgrounds who star in a comic whose common thread is the SDGs.


The interdisciplinary projects are interdisciplinary. A large amount of information is generated in a way that complements various disciplines.

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The learning situation presents a sequence of learning activities that produce a final outcome. The students answer these activities by interacting with the teacher and/or with other classmates to acquire the expected learning.

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The main objective is for the students to be an active participant in their own process of discovering the world, instead of being a passive receiver of information.

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The language bank | The comic | The biographies

6056 - Global Degree(1)

Throughout the unit there will be competency-based activities and a double page where a learning situation (situación de aprendizaje) is presented.


Throughout the unit such as concept maps, graphs, and symbols, provide multiple representations of information.